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Welcome to Silver Spring Periodontics! We warmly welcome new patients and GP referrals to our practice. We always focus on education, gentle care, and making sure that you have healthy gums for a healthy body!

Meet Dr. Craig Gayton

Periodontist Craig Gayton DDS

Dr. Craig Gayton DDS is a board certified periodontist. He focuses on providing excellent patient care and patient education.

New Patients

Silver Spring Periodontics accepts new patients!

We warmly accept new patients to our office. Many of our new patients have been referred by their general dentist, however this is not required.


Gum disease prevention and treatment services

We offer a full range of services to treat gum disease and prevent gum disease. We also offer dental implants and other specialty surgeries.

Thank you to all of our patients who have reviewed us online! We now have a perfect 5/5 star rating across the board!



  • Everyone in the office, from the moment I walked in the door, was courteous and friendly: It is a good team that makes a patient feel relaxed, yet fully informed regarding the procedures, ongoing and future, that are involved in treatment. Thanks… for teaching me the proper way to brush!

  • I appreciate the professionalism of everyone.

  • Everyone in the office was so nice and helpful. It was the best, most comprehensive dental appointment I have ever had. Thank you for taking the time to explain each and every Xray. I now have a clear understanding of what needs to be done. You have a great team. Thank you all!

  • My son liked everyone he met so well that he is inspired to take his dental care much more seriously and in a way that neither I nor his mother had been able to achieve with him. Thank you.

  • After one session in this office I already know that I am connected with a periodontists that cares about their profession and that I as their patient can regain healthy gums. The staff and office are both professional and caring. I appreciated being referred to this office!

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