Proper teeth formation is an integral part of a good bite and overall oral health.

Canine exposure treatment is recommended for anyone who may be impacted by a tooth that does not “erupt” correctly. Early detection is extremely important in order to maximize treatment results.

  • Reduces your chance of getting an infection
  • Helps form a better bite


The most common tooth to fail to “erupt” properly is what’s commonly known as the wisdom tooth. This can cause painful infections if it gets stuck. Another common tooth to fail to erupt is the maxillary cuspid (upper eye tooth). They play an important role in a proper bite as they are the first teeth to impact when the jaw closes, guiding the other teeth into place.

How it works:

Exposing the tooth is a simple procedure that entails removing the gum from below the tooth and allowing it room to properly fall into space. Shortly after the initial procedure is completed, a mechanism to aid the erupting process will be bonded to the tooth to encourage the tooth to fall into the correct space.

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